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Here's a few photos from the catalogue of the photographs I captured from my year abroad in 2011-2012. While I was studying at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, I traveled throughout Spain and also visited Greece, France and Italy.​


There are 17 autonomous regions in Spain, each with a unique culture and set of traditions. Apart from Castilian Spanish, Euskera, Galician and Catalan are also official languages spoken in Spain and that's not including the many regional dialects throughout the country.


The passionate life and history of Spain and the Spanish people became one I grew fond of as I walked the cobble-stoned streets, ate tapas and pinxos, heard music echo from ancient church acoustics and performed in a Spanish choir and theater.  ​


I travel as often as I can, sharing my wanderlust moments on Instagram and my blog. I'd like to explore other parts of the world and hope to take more flight in the next few years. 


Greece | France | Italy

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